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Welcome to Culp’s Piano Service, where your piano’s pitch-perfect performance and pristine condition are our top priorities. With over 56 years of experience servicing the Arizona Valley, we’ve become the trusted name for all Piano Repair and Tuning in Phoenix, AZ area.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service and exceptional quality of work is the foundation of our longstanding reputation.

Comprehensive Piano Tuning & Repair Services in AZ

At Culp’s Piano Service, we understand the complexities of piano maintenance and the importance of detailed care. Whether you own the majestic grandeur of a grand piano or the charming delicacy of a baby grand, our expert technicians are equipped to handle every aspect of piano tuning and repair.

Piano Tuning Services

Ensuring your piano is in tune is crucial for sound quality and overall performance. Our technicians employ precision tuning techniques tailored to the unique acoustical properties of each instrument, maintaining its harmonic balance and musical integrity.

Regular tuning is not just maintenance; it’s an investment in the longevity and enjoyment of your piano.

Grand Piano and Baby Grand Piano Repair

From complex internal mechanisms to exterior aesthetics, every part of your grand or baby grand piano deserves expert care. We specialize in comprehensive repair services, including:

  • Grand Piano Pedal Repair:

Pedals are essential for the expressive control of your piano. We repair squeaky, unresponsive, or broken pedals, restoring their functionality and responsiveness.

Baby grands, while smaller, demand equal attention to detail. Our services ensure that every component, from the keys to the strings, is in optimal condition.

Specialized Repair Services

Beyond tuning and basic repairs, Culp’s Piano Service offers specialized attention to common and complex issues:

  1. Sticky Keys and Pedals:

We address the common issue of sticky keys or pedals, ensuring each part moves smoothly without resistance.

  1. Piano Chips and Cosmetic Damage:

Pianos are musical instruments and pieces of fine furniture that contribute to your home’s aesthetics. We repair chips and other cosmetic damage to restore the beauty of your instrument.

  1. Felt Replacements:

The felt on hammers and dampers can wear down over time. Our felt replacement services bring back your piano’s original tone and dynamic range.

And Much More: Our expertise is not limited. For any specific concerns or rare issues, just reach out to us.

Why Choose Culp's Piano Service?

  • Reputation and Reliability:

Our decades of experience in the Phoenix area have solidified our reputation as the leading piano service provider. We pride ourselves on reliability, punctuality, and thorough service.

  • Expert Technicians:

Our staff is made up of extremely talented technicians who value music as an art form and adore pianos. Each member is trained to handle the nuances of various piano brands and models.

  • Customer-Centric Approach:

We listen to your demands at Culp’s Piano Service and adjust our services accordingly. To avoid any surprises, we support open communication and upfront pricing.

  • Community Involvement:

Being part of the Phoenix community for over half a century, we are committed to supporting local music events and educational programs, fostering a love for music throughout the region.

Connect with us for best services

Culp’s Piano Service looks forward to fulfilling all of your Piano Tuning & Repair Services in AZ. Whether tuning your newest acquisition or restoring a family heirloom, trust us to bring out the best in your instrument. Call us for a quote or to discuss your specific piano concerns. Let us keep your music playing beautifully and flawlessly.